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Tips to Help Students Write Better Essays

Use these tips to help your child become a great essay writer.

Write a Five Paragraph Essay

A five paragraph essay is the standard type of essay most high school students will need to master. The first paragraph is your child's introduction. This is where they will introduce the topic of their essay and where they will include their thesis statement. After the introduction, your child will need to include three separate paragraphs that support or help prove their thesis statement. Each of these paragraphs should stick to one main idea that supports the thesis. The main idea of the paragraph will have to be supported through concrete details and research. Finally, the last paragraph of the essay will be the conclusion. This last paragraph should be kept short and to the point. It should tie everything together and give some final support to your child's thesis.

Do Some Research

Your child will need to do some research in order to find information that helps support their thesis statement. Help them look for credible sources, such as books, scholarly journals, films, and websites. Your child should take notes and even save useful quotes that they can insert into their essay. It is important that they cite these sources properly in their essay and that they include a bibliography at the end.

Write Multiple Drafts

No one gets it right on their first attempt, so it's important to encourage your child to write multiple drafts of their work before they're done. After they finish their first draft, have them step away from it for a bit before going back to proofread it. Once they've proofread it, have your child ask a couple of their peers to read it. Their peers can further proofread it and even give them useful feedback that can improve their argument. Have your child go back and improve their essay with this feedback before completing their final draft.

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Writing essays can be a tough assignment for many students. If your child struggles when it comes to writing assignments, The Tutoring Center, Columbus OH can help them improve. They offer academic programs focused on reading, writing, and math that can give your child the boost they need. Give their tutors a call at (614) 459-0091 to find out more.


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