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A healthy diet is a huge part of your child’s active and growing lifestyle, or at least it should be. We are sure, that as parents you are aware of this. Perhaps however, you have a selective eater on your hands, or you don’t feel you have time to provide the nutrient rich foods your child needs. At The Tutoring Center in Columbus we would like to share some of these superfoods that can be super easy to prepare. These foods are especially great for your growing child!

Spinach provides your child with folic acid and a lot of iron. It is also a great source of other vitamins. Spinach is great in many forms. 
Breakfast: Try adding spinach to your eggs or to a smoothie in the morning. Remember that it will not change the taste much in the smoothie, but will provide a very green color. 
Lunch/Dinner: Spinach can be boiled in water, sauteed in a bit of olive oil, added to soup or quesadillas. We love it for how easy it is to use. 

Avocados have tons of fiber, and thus can help with to prevent constipation.
Breakfast: You might choose to cut avocados and use them as a side for a hearty breakfast, such as eggs. You can also put avocado in a smoothie. It gives the smoothie a signature smooth texture and a slightly sweet flavor. 
Lunch/Dinner:Guacamole is a very popular avocado dish. The main ingredient is avocado. You can use this as a starter or snack as well. Try using cucumbers or peppers to dip instead of chips. 

Sweet Potatoes are packed with vitamins B, C, and E. They also have potassium to help prevent cramps and dehydration for those active children of yours. Another great importance for children is that they help to prevent sugar crash. 
Breakfast: Instead of regular hash browns you can make use the same idea and make sweet potato hash browns for breakfast. 
Lunch/Dinner: Likewise for lunch or dinner, you can make sweet potato fries the same way you would make french fries. Cut them into wedges or slices, add a bit of salt and pepper, lightly cover them in olive oil, and pop them in the oven. 

As you are finding out which of these foods your child most enjoys, we hope that you will find something new you enjoy as well. Remember that your child looks up to you, and is likely to be more excited about eating well if you are excited about it! 

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