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3 Ways to Help your Teen Get Out of Bed and Out the Door

We’ve talked before about some summer activities. Now it’s time to shift gears. With all the sleep teenagers require, getting them out of bed early for school can be a challenge, especially after a few months of summer to get them out of the habit of waking up early. With the following tips from The Tutoring Center in Columbus you and your teen will be back on a school schedule before you know it:

Get Those Zzz’s

You’ve probably heard that teenagers require more sleep than adults, but did you know that the recommended amount of sleep for teenagers is at least 8 hours a night? Help your teen get back on a good schedule of getting to bed early around the same time every night to help set their internal clock. This will also make waking up early in the next day so much easier.

Get Prepared the Night Before

Mornings can easily turn into chaos, running around trying to find homework assignments, lunch money and even your high schooler’s favorite pair of shoes. Fortunately, so many of these preparations can be made the night before. Check the weather so you can help your teen lay out the appropriate clothing and shoes, make sure backpacks are packed away with homework and lunch money inside, and even get out the cereal bowls for the next day to de-stress your morning routine.

Have a Nice Breakfast

Just like sleep, starting the day with breakfast is important for anyone, especially a growing, developing teenager. There is so little you can control as a parent, but starting your child’s day off with a healthy, nutritious breakfast can give them the edge on an exam, or out of the field. It’s also a nice opportunity to spend some time together as a family before everyone rushes off to work and school.

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