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Simple Tips for Improved Study Skills

If your child has a hard time sitting down to study or if they study a fair amount but just can't seem to get the grades they're after, they can definitely benefit from improving their study skills. Check out the tips below to help them improve their study habits.

Distractions at Home

If your child is constantly getting distracted while they study, chances are they won't absorb any of the material they're reviewing. Distractions can come in many forms, so it's important that you and your child take the time to identify their biggest distractors so that they can be eliminated. In many cases, household noise, electronic items, and even hunger or sleepiness can be significant distractors. Once you identify what's distracting your child, find a way to eliminate these distractions during your child's study time.

Faulty Organization Skills

If your child has a hard time staying organized, this can actually affect their studying. Let's say your child forgets they have a test coming up or they forgot to write down what topics will be covered on their next exam. This can put them at a serious disadvantage when it comes time to study. An easy way to avoid these issues is by having your child keep a daily planner where they can write down important information like test dates, homework assignments, and study reminders. Keeping tidy notes will also help them study the correct topics as they prepare for a test.

Not Enough Time to Study

If your child never seems to have enough time to study all the material that will be covered on a test, chances are that this isn't because they weren't given enough time. Your child may have just underestimated how much studying they needed to do and got started late. Help them avoid this by coming up with a study plan that encourages them to study daily, even when they don't have a test coming up yet. This will ensure they have plenty of time to review and learn material that was covered in class without the stress of a test.

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