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How to Help Your Child with Homework

Use these tips to help your child make the most out of their homework time.

Create a Homework Schedule

Creating a daily schedule for your child that includes designated homework and study hours will help them get into an easy to follow routine. As they grow accustomed to their routine, they will fight it less and just roll with it. Figure out what time of day they work best, whether it's right after school, after a nap and a snack, or whenever else, and scheduled their study time around that. They will be more productive and will be able to get their work done faster and more effectively.

Remove Distractions

Many students struggle to get their homework done, not because it's hard, but because they're distracted. Help your child focus on their homework by removing distractions from their work area. Keep the area clean and cutter-free as well as away from electronics and distracting noises. If your child is getting distracted by their cell phone, have them leave it in another room until they're done.

Let Your Child Do the Work

When your child is stuck and needs help, you may be tempted to do the work for them. Doing this won't help your child learn, it will just give them the answers they need to finish their work. Instead, guide them through the problem, but make sure they're the one doing the work.

Look for Additional Resources

If your child is falling behind in class and can't seem to understand their homework assignments, it may be time to look for additional help. Consider enrolling your child in tutoring where they can get extra help from trained tutors and specialized classes.

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