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Great Ways That Parents and Tutoring in Columbus Can Work Together

Many of the parents who we are able to assist here at The Tutoring Center, Columbus seek out our services because the difficulty level of their child's lessons are just something they aren’t able to grasp. And with the always changing nature of education it’s no surprise - after all, our children are learning things that parents simply weren't taught. For this post, The Tutoring Center, Columbus has some great ideas to share to help parents who may not have a full working knowledge of subjects such as trigonometry to help their child further their learning in the area.

Pop Quiz Favors

One of the easiest ways for a parent to help their child retain the lessons learned through Tutoring in Columbus is through a technique we call ‘Pop quiz favors’. Each time your child completes a tutoring session at The Tutoring Center, Columbus, ask their tutor for some information about what their child learned and what they struggled with. Armed with a small prepared list of questions and answers you’re ready to keep the learning going.
  • Hey, Mom. My friends and I want to go see a movie. Can you please drive us?
  • I sure can! Just as soon as you complete this equation.
  • Dad! Can I please have some money to go to the mall.
  • Not a problem. I’ll give you $5 for each of these algorithms you can answer
While the immediate response (from any teen) is going to be ‘ugh - are you serious?’, you can be guaranteed that the next response they give will be the correct answer to your question. The greatest benefit to you as a parent with this exercise is that you can use the sheet provided by their tutor. So while you may not understand how they got to the answer, you have the information to know if their answer is right. Suddenly you’re a trigonometry teacher without studying trigonometry!

Trade-In Chores

This is perhaps the most favored of the two when parents are concerned as it’s likely they would have to do the chores anyway. But why not make it seem like you had a fighting chance.
  • Mom, are you serious? I took the trash cans out last week!
  • I’ll take them out this week...just as soon as you can answer these two questions.
  • Dad, you know that I don’t like mowing the lawn. Do I *have* to do it?
  • No, that’s okay. I’ll do it this weekend if you can complete these equations.
Suddenly tasks that you were likely to have done anyway result in you being able to connect with your child’s education and really help reinforce the lessons that directly lead to an improvement in their grades.

Get Involved in Tutoring in Columbus

These are just some of the great ways that, as parents, you can get involved in the benefits your child is receiving from Tutoring in Columbus. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Columbus at (614) 459 0091 to find out more about how tutoring in Columbus can help your child achieve the grades they are capable of and help you connect with your child’s education.


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