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With the complexities and importance of exams, it can feel like you aren't able to provide your children with the reading, listening or even math help help they need.  In addition to providing formal tutoring in ColumbusThe Tutoring Center in Columbus has some at-home tips for you to share with your child to help them pass their next exam.

Common Mistakes Made During Exams

Believe it or not, one of the most common reasons students do not receive their grades is due to basic details, such as name, being absent! When helping your child prepare for an exam, be sure to impress upon them the importance of completing all administrative fields of an exam paper first before moving on to the questions.

How to Answer Exam Questions

When answering questions that require longer answers, pay close attention to sentence structure and grammar. For students who haven't had the advantage of tutoring in Columbus, it can be very easy for them to forego correct grammar usage in favor of technical details that substantiate their response. While a robust answer is important, assessors are checking more than the facts when grading an exam paper.

How to Beat the Test

If there is one thing that an exam is designed to do, it is to test you. Teach your child to read and re-read each question, paying close attention to the word selection and potential wordplay that may be utilized to check if students are paying attention. Ensure that your child is clear about what the question is asking and provides the correct response.

Tutoring in Columbus

These are just some of the great tips for you to become active in helping your child during their exam periods and can be a great complement to formal tutoring in Columbus.  If you are interested in providing your child with the tools they need to pass their exams, speak with a learning professional here at The Tutoring Center in Columbus  on 614 459 0091 about how targeted one to one instruction can give your child the educational advantage they need.


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