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Help Your Child Fight the Midyear Slump

Now that the first couple of months of the school year are over, it's very likely that your child has lost some of their motivation. The early days of the school year can be exciting because everything is new, but as soon as this wears off it can be hard to stay interested. Help your child regain their momentum with these tips.

Make Things Exciting

If your child is bored with school and has lost their motivation, a bit of fun may be all they need to get excited about class again. Look for fun activities you can do together at home that complement their classroom lessons and homework assignments. Enrolling them in an extracurricular activity can also get their creativity flowing and their motivation back.

Check in on School Year Goals

Setting goals at the beginning of the school year can ensure your child has something to work towards throughout the year. If they start to lose sight of these goals or if they want to give up because they've encountered some obstacles, use the midyear point to reassess their goals. Recognize their efforts and talk about how to make it past the obstacles. After this chat, your child should feel more motivated and ready to tackle their goals.

Look for Incentives

Offering incentives for the effort is a great way to ensure your child stays interested in their studies. You don't have to give them money or a new cellphone either. Educational trips to a museum or an art gallery can be fun while complementing their schoolwork.

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