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Dealing with End of School Year Stress and Anxiety

The end of the school year doesn't just mean exams; it can also bring on added stress and anxiety for many students. If you notice your child is having a harder time than usual dealing with school, figure out what is causing this stress so you can resolve the issue.

Figure out What's Causing It

Stress and anxiety brought on by the end of the school year can be the result of a number of factors. Some students may start to feel the pressure of their upcoming exams and assessments. This is especially true for students who are in danger of not being promoted to the next grade level. Other students have a hard time dealing with changes caused by the school year ending. If your student is moving from elementary school to middle school or from middle school to high school, this upcoming change can be hard to deal with.  Most students fear they'll lose their friends, their favorite teachers, and the comforts of their school. The fear of stepping into a new school may bother them because they're not sure what to expect.

What You Can Do to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Whatever is bothering your child, it's important that you give them an outlet. Sit down with them and listen as they explain what is causing them to feel so anxious and stressed. If they're worried about making grades, help them set up a study schedule and ensure they stick to it. Keep them motivated through the end of the school year and look for additional resources that can help them stay on track. Encourage your child to keep up with healthy habits to keep them in a positive state of mind. Finally, reassure your child that their friendships will not be lost during the summer. Schedule some activities for them and their friends over summer so that they can keep in touch.

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