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Learn How to Set SMART Goals

Any type of goal setting is a step in the right direction, but did you know there is a method you can use to make your goals more effective? To learn how to set SMART goals, keep reading.

What Are SMART Goals?

SMART goals use a checklist of attributes that ensure the goals being set will be useful and effective. Teach your child to go through each of these steps as they develop their goals. Specific: Every goal your child sets should be specific and clear. Instead of deciding they want to get good grades, have them choose the specific grades they want to achieve in each class. This will help them have a clear target to work towards instead of just settling for something good. Ask them what they want to achieve, why this is important, who can help them get there, and what resources they will need. This will help them develop a plan to reach their goal. Measurable: Setting a goal that can be measured is important because it will help your child see their progress as time passes. This will help them stay motivated and even detect any issues with their plan. Set deadlines along the way in order to ensure your child is staying on the right track. Attainable: All goals should be achievable, but this doesn't mean they have to be easy. In fact, your child's goals should challenge them and push them to do their best, but still remain possible. Relevant: Your child's goals should matter and hold some kind of importance for them. If their goal doesn't seem worthwhile for them, it won't be worth their efforts. Help them choose targets they care to reach in order for their goal to drive them forward. Timely: Your child's goals should include a deadline or target date. Ask your child by when they hope to accomplish each goal they set in order to have an easier time developing a plan to get there. Create short-term goals they can reach along the way. Ask your child what they need to accomplish in a week, in a month, etc, for them to reach their main goal.

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