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Reading Components Students Need to Master

Because reading is needed for just about every school subject and for most things in life, it's important that your child has great reading skills. In order for a student to be a great reader, they need to master a set of reading skills. Below are just a few to get them started.

Start off With Phonics

When a child learns to identify letters, this is the beginning of their relationship with phonics. Young children should get an early start on this by practicing letter recognition at home. They can then move on to associating written letters with their corresponding sounds. After this, they can start forming words and reading words by combining these skills and building on them.

Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension can be more tricky for students because it requires them to multitask. Your child should be able to read a text while also absorbing the information they're reading. Asking questions about the main idea of the text and other details can help ensure that your child is comprehending what they're reading.

Mastering Reading Fluency

A student who has mastered reading fluency will be able to read a text out loud at the right pace, with the correct expression, and with the correct pauses indicated by punctuation. Students who aren't great at this will often be embarrassed or scared to read in front of others. Help your child practice these skills at home. It may help to allow them to listen to a recording of a book while reading along silently.

Reading Tutoring in Columbus OH

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