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Help Your Child Establish These School Year Routines

After a long summer break, it's likely that your child has fallen out of their school time routines. This is quite normal and nothing to be too worried about. However, don't wait too long to re-establish these once more now that school is back in session. These routines can help keep your child stay on the right track towards academic success.

Morning Routine

A morning routine should start with a set wakeup time that ensures your child gets the recommended hours of sleep each night and that gives them enough time to get ready without feeling rushed. They should have enough time to get up, shower, get dressed, gather their materials, eat a healthy breakfast, brush their teeth, and head out the door calmly. To make this even easier, try preparing breakfast sandwiches ahead of time and help them pack their backpack the night before.

After School Routine

After what may have felt like a long day at school, help your child wind down and prepare to do their homework. Some students may arrive home more than ready for a nap while others may have tons of energy they need to get rid of through some kind of outdoor activity. Figure out what will help your child most and build a routine around it. Be sure to include homework time in their routine so that they are able to complete their assignments at a set time every day. By setting up a routine, your child will be less likely to put off doing their homework, ensuring they beat their procrastination habit this year.

Bedtime Routine

Help your child get plenty of rest every night by setting a bed time for them. Their bedtime should be at a reasonable hour so that they are well rested and ready to learn the next day. Make screens off limits at least an hour before lights out since these can cause your child to have a harder time falling asleep. Encourage them to perform calming activities that will help get their body ready for sleep. A warm shower, some quiet reading time, or another calming activity should be included in their bedtime routine.

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