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Make Your Child a Math Person

Math is a tough subject that is very easy to dislike, but this doesn't mean your child can't find success in it. If you're not particularly fond of math, help your child have a different and more positive experience with it using these tips.

Introduce Math Early On

A great way to get your child comfortable with math is by introducing it to them early on. Before your child even starts school, take the time to introduce them to basic math concepts. To start, focus on identifying shapes and then move on to patterns. You can also teach your child to count and to recognize numbers. Once they've established that, try introducing them to the values each number represents. Once they start school, they'll be much more comfortable dealing with these basic math concepts.

Make Math Real

Many people like to argue that math isn't all that necessary for daily life. While you may not find yourself doing Calculus daily, there are definitely other ways you use math each day. Focusing on these instances and having your child recognize your use of math daily can help them enjoy the subject more. Some of the instances in which you can point out math include when paying for something, comparing prices in the weekly ads, measuring items while cooking, and weighing produce at the grocery store. Younger children can benefit from simple activities like counting items, grouping similar items, and telling time.

Keep a Positive Math Attitude

Math can be hard, but do your best to maintain a positive attitude. Avoid saying things like, "I'm not a math person," or, "I'm never going to need to use Trigonometry," since these can cause your child to develop a similar attitude. Instead, stay positive and encourage higher math learning at home.

Math Tutoring in Columbus OH

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