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The Benefits of Journaling

Chances are your child has kept some sort of a journal at some point in their life. If they haven't, introducing them to this daily activity is a great idea. Not only is it great for their academic development, it can also help them grow as an individual. To learn more about the benefits of introducing your child to journaling, keep reading.

Build up Your Child's Confidence

If your child struggles with writing assignments, presenting them with a journal may not be the kind of surprise they want. However, it can turn into one of their favorite activities and even help them improve their writing skills. Allow them to write freely without judgment and without taking a red pen to their writing. This simple, daily practice can help your child become a stronger writer and may even help them develop a passion for the activity. All in all, this can build up their self-confidence and can make them feel more confident in their abilities.

Help Your Child Release Stress

Writing is the perfect activity when you need to release some stress. While we like to think children don't have any real stressors, this just isn't true. Encouraging your child to keep a private journal where they can write about anything is a great way to help them stay mentally healthy. They can use their journal to release their feelings and write about things they may be too timid to bring up in conversation.

Allow Your Child to Exercise Their Creativity

Encourage your child to get creative with their writing. If they don't know what to write about in their journal, provide them with some fun writing prompts that will push them to think creatively. These types of activities can help them develop great story-telling skills and turn writing into something fun rather than a chore.

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If your child struggles with their writing assignments, tutoring in Columbus may be able to help your child strengthen these skills. Contact The Tutoring Center, Columbus OH at (614) 459-0091 to learn all about their writing programs and how these can help your child find success.


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