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The Benefits of Reading Tutoring

Whether your child loves to read or dreads trips to the library, reading is an important skill that can always be improved upon. Get to know how reading tutoring can help your child master this subject.

Improve Phonics

Phonics is often mentioned when young children are just starting to learn to read. What this term refers to is your child's ability to identify letters and associate them with the sounds they make. Mastering phonics is key in early education because, without it, your child will struggle to connect written words with spoken sounds. You can practice this skill at home or even enroll your child in a tutoring program focused on reading if you notice they are struggling with pronunciation and other related factors.

Work on Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension is often included in state standardized tests. What these types of questions are measuring is your child's ability to read a text and identify the most important information in it. This skill can be tricky because it forces your child to multitask since they have to focus on reading while processing what the words mean. Reading tutoring can help your child improve the skills associated with reading comprehension, like identifying important sentences and grasping the main idea of a text.

Become a Fluent Reader

Fluency also involves multitasking because it refers to your child's ability to read a text correctly, at the right pace, and using the correct expression. This requires them to combine their phonics skills, their reading comprehension abilities, and their knowledge of punctuation. Reading tutoring can help your child build these skills and improve their fluency. Not only will they be better readers, but they will also be more confident when it comes time to read out loud in class.

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