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If you have a child at home, we’re sure you’ve noticed that they love playing games. However, if you think they’re wasting their time with that, know that there are some games out there that can actually help your child’s brain development.

If you’d like to know more about some learning games your child can engage in to keep their mind sharp, The Tutoring Center in Columbus has a few of them listed here.

Learning Games for Your Child

  1. Crossword puzzles: these are great for anybody (not just your child). They allow you to practice and expand your vocabulary, work out your knowledge, and develop problem solving skills.
  2. Jigsaw puzzles: these can be challenging and fun (just make sure to go for ones that suit your child’s age). Not only that, but they help sharpen your child’s response to visual stimuli, as well as work on their management skills, and more.
  3. Mazes: these games are very helpful because they allow your child to work on their planning skills, and they also exercise their strategic thinking. Plus, you can pick some with their favorite cartoon character on it to keep them interested in them.
  4. Memory games: as their name states, the main advantage these types of games offer is that they help your child retain information. But, they also work on their  recognition ability and increases their concentration.
  5. Apps: if your child has a tablet or smartphone, you can look up a few different apps that can help them practice and learn different subjects (math, for example). This way, you’ll ensure that they practice their lessons and have fun all at once.

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