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Winter break is almost here! The opportunity to enjoy time with family and friends is just around the corner. However, time does fly, and soon enough, you’ll have to get ready to start a new term and, in back to school tradition, we’re sure you’ll be restocking your school supplies.

If you don’t want to lose all of them the moment you step in the classroom, The Tutoring Center in Columbus will share a few ways you can stay organized and keep track of them.

How to Keep Your Supplies in Order for the New School Term 

Put Your Name on Them

If you’re prone to misplacing your school supplies and you want a way to increase your chances of getting them back, put your name on them. You can even add your grade or classroom number to the more valuable items (like your notebook or calculator).

Have Extras

You don’t want a missing pen to affect your learning experience, do you? This is why it’s a good idea to have extra supplies with you, so that when you do lose one, you have a replacement handy.

Designate a Spot for Them

An easy way to ensure that your supplies won’t be disordered is to set a place for each one. For example, you should get a pencil case in which to keep all of your pens, colors, sharpeners, erasers, etc.

Put Them Back

Now that everything has its place, make sure to put it all back where it belongs after you’re done using it. This can be kind of tedious, but make an effort to do it so you can stay organized and keep your supplies.

Be Aware of Their Whereabouts

Lastly, there will surely come a time at which a classmate will ask to borrow your supplies. Don’t always rely on them remembering to give them back to you. Keep track of your things and remind others to return your items once they’re done with them.

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