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School is about to start back up again! For your child to be ready for it, s/he needs to have all the tools necessary to succeed (along with a smooth way to get back into a routine). One of them is good note-taking! If you’ve noticed your child struggles with this, this post by The Tutoring Center in Columbus will give you tips on how you can help him/her in this regard.

How to Take Good Notes 

One for Each

Organization is key here. Each subject should have a different notebook/section and folder, so your child doesn’t have to spend a lot of time finding the right notes when s/he needs to study.

Label Appropriately

Tied up to the point above, make sure your child labels everything. Putting a date and a title on each page can help avoid confusion and create a more effective study experience.

Important Information

Trying to write everything down will cause your child to miss things and get left behind. Instead, teach him/her to understand what’s being talked about and write punctual information from it. 

Legibility Above All

What good is taking notes if you can’t understand what was written down? Encourage your child to practice his/her penmanship, so s/he can write legible notes that don’t need decoding.

Make Sense

On that same note, writing random words that don’t make any sense won’t provide good studying material for the future. Teach your child to write comprehensible sentences to have something to study from.

Use Color

A great way to make notes a lot easier to go through (and more fun, too) is by adding color or highlighting. Tell your child to do this to titles, keywords and other important information.


A messy, dirty notebook filled with doodles and mistakes can be distracting and may even cause some stress when the time to study comes around. Encourage your child to be neat and organized!


Proofreading the notes after the class is done won’t only help your child clear any doubts and make sure the text is comprehensible, but it can also reinforce the knowledge that was just learned.

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