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School is about to start back up again! For your child to be ready for it, s/he needs to have all the tools necessary to succeed (along with a smooth way to get back into a routine). One of them is good note-taking! If you’ve noticed your child struggles with this, this post by The Tutoring...
The new school year is around the corner and you and your children should start preparing for it: reestablishing the routine, getting to know the new teacher, buying new school supplies. There are many things you can do to get your children ready for the upcoming school challenges, but one of the...
Going back to school after a precious and well-deserved summer vacation is annoying (for your children and -let’s face it- for you, too). This happens because we let go of those responsibilities during this time, and getting back to them can be very challenging!

This is why, The Tutoring Center in...
Now that school is over, your children will have free time on their hands. This doesn't mean they have to spend the whole day in front of their laptops; it’s a great opportunity to review school material and engage in educational activities like reading.

If you are wondering how to encourage your...
Are you ready to perform your very best on your SAT or ACT college entrance exams?  

If you are not quite ready or are not sure how ready you are, we can help.  The Tutoring Center, in partnership with the premier SAT/ACT test prep provider on the east coast has expanded. We offer this...


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