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Encourage Your Child to Take Better Class Notes

Learning to take clear and concise notes early on can help students throughout their academic career. With that said, note taking isn't something that is mastered overnight. Becoming a good note taker takes time and work, but it isn't hard. To help...

Help Your Child Improve Their Writing Skills

If your child is just being introduced to writing paragraphs and longer written assignments, teach them to love this activity. While not all students are great at writing right away, you can help your child practice their skills so that writing is...

Get A Good Night’s Sleep For Better Results

With so many commitments, like sports teams, after-school clubs, and social activities, as well as what may seem like an endless stream of projects, essays, and other homework, bedtime can start getting pushed back later and later. But, did you know...

Tips for Students Preparing for Standardized Tests

Standardized tests are not an uncommon part of a student's life. In fact, these types of exams are used to assess many things, including a student's growth, a school's standing, and are even part of entrance requirements for most universities....

Help Your Child Improve Their Study Skills

The end of the school year is usually full of different exams, presentations, and projects. If your child struggles when it comes to preparing for these different types of assessments, these tips may be able to help them develop stronger study skills.



Learning Distractions That Can Affect Your Child

Does your child have a tough time staying focused when completing homework or studying? This isn't very uncommon, but that doesn't mean you should ignore it. In fact, by identifying your child's main distractors you can work to remove them. Below...

The Benefits of Journaling

Chances are your child has kept some sort of a journal at some point in their life. If they haven't, introducing them to this daily activity is a great idea. Not only is it great for their academic development, it can also help them grow as an individual. To learn more...

Tips to Help You Find a Great Tutor

If you're considering enrolling your child in tutoring, do your best to find the perfect tutor for your child. Do a bit of research and ensure they possess the following qualities.

Start With an Assessment

A good tutor will present your child with an...

Reading Components Students Need to Master

Because reading is needed for just about every school subject and for most things in life, it's important that your child has great reading skills. In order for a student to be a great reader, they need to master a set of reading skills. Below are just...

Help Your Child Improve Their Mental Math Skills

Math is tricky for most students, so asking them to solve math problems without the help of a calculator may seem like you're asking for too much. However, encouraging them to develop their math thinking abilities can be extremely helpful. Use...


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