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How Tutoring Can Help Your Child Succeed

The end of summer is a hard time for students and parents alike. Students are stressed with the burden of classes, homework, new schedules, and new faces. Meanwhile, worried parents may be thinking their child isn’t up to speed on their work compared to...

Keep School Momentum Going

You’ve done it! You’ve got your kids up and out of bed, back to school, and back into a routine. Hopefully, they’ve made a great start to the school year. But, as we head into Fall the days get shorter, nights get longer, and it gets harder and harder to keep that...
Who says that learning or reviewing can't be fun? Almost every subject can be turned into a game, no prep necessary. Today, The Tutoring Center, Columbus OH has some Spelling and Vocabulary games for you and your children to try out.

Tutoring in Columbus for Better Spellers

ABC on the Road

Exams always catch us by surprise, even if we know they’re coming. Most of the times we don’t feel sufficiently prepared to take them, but we still have to. Instead of stressing on how bad you’ll think you’ll do, follow this quick little guide to studying whether it’s last minute or with...

How to Help Your Kids Fall in Love with Reading

Reading provides so many benefits to a young person. It is a relaxing pastime that can help them to manage stress and improve their imagination. But, it can be difficult to get your child to sit down with a book when they would much rather be out...

How to Improve Your Child's Memory

In order to succeed at school, your child needs a number of skills. Of all these skills, one of the most important has to be memory. As many subjects are evaluated purely through exams, having a good memory can sometimes make the difference between an average...

Keep Your Kids' Brains Active This Summer to Avoid Summer Learning Loss

If you ask any US school student what their favorite time of year is, they will all answer the same – ‘the summer vacations!’. Having time away from school over the summer is a dream for young people. However, it can be a...

Help Your Child Improve Their Self Esteem

Many of the most common psychological problems today relate to self-esteem. Levels of anorexia, bulimia and body dysmorphic disorder are constantly increasing. One of the best ways to protect your child against issues like this in the future it to help...

Help Your Child to Prepare for the Exams and Avoid Exam Burnout

Exam Burnout is a condition that is becoming more and more common in U.S school children. It is brought on by a combination of exam stress and inadequate coping mechanisms. Symptoms of exam burnout include apathy, physical and mental...

Tips for Studying Math

Math is becoming more important in our lives; at school, at University, at work, and even during everyday tasks. However, it can be difficult, and many students struggle to keep up with the progressively more complex subject matters. In this article, The Tutoring Center of...


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