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Parent-teacher conferences are invaluable for keeping you up-to-date regarding your child’s progress at school. Of course you can gain a rough idea of how they are doing simply by keeping track of their grades, but The Tutoring Center in Columbus have a few suggested questions for getting a fuller picture of how your child is doing.

How is my child’s social life?

It’s crucial that your child feels as though they fit in at school and have friends they can rely on. If they feel isolated they may become very unhappy which, though bad enough in itself, will also mean that their academic performance will suffer. Make sure to ask if there are any signs that your child is experiencing bullying, as they may not let you know themselves.

Does my child need extra help with anything?

As a parent, you can offer a lot of help with your child’s schoolwork at home (especially over the winter break when you both have more free time). Ask if there’s anything you should be focusing on—perhaps your child needs to practice their math, or needs a little help getting organized.

Is my child well-behaved and attentive?

Many children behave in a radically different way at school than they do at home, so it’s important that you find out if your child is behaving appropriately. If they are misbehaving, you can help by discussing this with them, explaining that it isn’t acceptable, and talking through the behaviour you expect from them at school as well as at home. Follow up with their teacher to see if their behaviour has improved and, if it has, be sure to praise or even reward them to cement these good habits.

Can my child see the chalkboard?

It’s amazing how often this slips under the radar. Problems with children’s vision can mean that they struggle to comprehend material, have problems staying focused, and can cause headaches and painful eye strain. 

If your child seems to be struggling to see properly, take them to an optometrist to see if they need glasses!If your child is struggling academically, hiring a tutor may give them the boost they need to get on top of things. The Tutoring Center offer free diagnostic assessments to pinpoint exactly how best to help your child, so contact us should you require tutoring in Columbus. Call (614) 459-0091 to find out more.


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