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You may have read recently that a 2014 study published in the November edition of the Journal of Nutrition Education & Behaviour has indicated that packed lunches may often be less nutritious than lunches provided by schools. This fact may be putting you off preparing lunch for your child, but if you’re careful to pack the healthiest lunch possible there’s no need to worry about it meeting all the nutritional needs of your child, so follow this guide courtesy of The Tutoring Center in Columbus.

Avoid processed snacks

Many snack foods are advertised as being ‘perfect for lunchboxes’ and similar, but if you take a quick look at the nutritional information you’ll see they’re usually loaded with added salt, sugar and artificial colors and flavors (even the ones labelled as health foods!). Not only that but they are often expensive, so don’t waste the money! Instead, include your child’s favorite fruit and a handful of nuts to provide a healthy snack.

Provide a balanced meal

It’s important that your child’s lunch includes everything they need to get through the day. This means including:


- Lean meats like grilled chicken are perfect protein sources, so why not try a chicken sandwich or wrap or a lean lunch meat like sliced turkey
- Oily fish is an excellent source of both protein and healthy fats, so a tuna salad or, if your child is a fan, a salmon fillet are both good options
- Eggs are exceptional protein sources, so for a vegetarian option you could pack an egg-salad roll or a salad with sliced hard-boiled egg
- Beans are among the best sources of protein and are great for heart health, so see if your child likes bean salads, chili, or maybe spice it up with bean tacos or a quesadilla one day

Healthy carbohydrates

- Whole grains are the best source of energy for your child, as they release energy slowly throughout the day and help prevent spikes in blood sugar—if you’re packing a sandwich, use whole wheat bread, if you’re packing pasta salad, try out whole wheat pasta


- Dairy is a wonderful source of protein, vitamins and above all calcium—include some cheese as a snack or included in a sandwich, some yogurt and fruit for dessert, or maybe a carton of milk

Fruit and vegetables

- We’re all aware of how important it is to get enough fruit and vegetables, and this is even more true for developing children—make sure any sandwich or roll includes some salad, or pack a generous side salad to make sure they’re getting enough
- Avoid giving your child fruit juice with their lunch, as it is far less nutritious than solid fruit, and is packed with sugar that can affect your child’s focus

For a few further ideas, you could look at our tips regarding superfoods to feed your child too. If you feel your child could use a helping hand in any academic area, please get in touch with us at The Tutoring Center; we offer free diagnostic assessments to pinpoint areas in which your child could benefit from assistance, and our academic programs are tried and tested. Call (614) 459-0091 to find out more.


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