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What to Ask Your Child's Teacher at an Interview

Sitting down and speaking with your child's teacher is the best way to get an insight into your child's education and school based behavior. Make sure you attend your next meeting prepared with he following tips from The Tutoring Center in Columbus to make the most of this valuable time

Check for Any Repetition

Ask your child's teacher whether your child asks the same theme of questions, or whether they require questions to be spoken, rather than written on the chalkboard. It could be that your child is not being taught in a way that is complementary to their learning styles. If your child's teacher identifies any recurring themes, ask what types of things that you can do at home to help them learn and understand presented problems.

How Does My Child Interact With Other Children

Your child's social interactions are just as important as their academic ones. Ask your teacher if your child often sits alone at lunch or whether they enjoy specific activities. If your teacher is able to give you a better understanding of what your child enjoys doing at school, these actives can be integrated into learning activities in the home.

Ask Your Teacher About In-Home Behaviors

If you notice your child displays in-home behaviors that you feel are not benefiting their learning, speak with your child's teacher about whether these behaviors transfer into their school life. If you find that your child is attentive in school but not at home, private tutoring in Columbus is a good option to formalize their after school learning.

Tutoring in Columbus

Don't let this great opportunity go to waste - ask anything and everything you want to know during your Parent-Teacher sessions. If you discover that your child is struggling, or just that they aren't able to get the attention they need to succeed, speak with a learning specialist at The Tutoring Center, Columbus on 614 459-0091 about how private tutoring in Columbus can ensure your child receives the attention they need.


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