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Get Your Child Reading This Summer

At this point, you're probably tired of hearing about the effects of the summer slide. However, it's important that you learn as much as you can in order to prevent it. Keep in mind that if your child doesn't read over the summer they are at risk of dropping reading levels. To prevent this from happening, make reading part of their summer plans.

Make Reading a Daily Habit

Children are greatly influenced by what they see their parents doing. Use this to your advantage and make time to read daily. Something as simple as reading the newspaper during breakfast or sitting down to read a novel after dinner can help them develop a reading habit. If they're not picking up on these cues, hold daily reading time together. You can take turns reading aloud from the same book or read quietly while in the same room. Afterward, discuss what you've read and share your opinions.

Utilize Reading Aids

Students who have a hard time sitting still or those who are auditory learners may have a more difficult time reading. Find tools that will make it easier for them to concentrate on the book they're working on, such as audio books or an audiovisual read-along.

Look for Summer Reading Programs

Call up your local library and ask if they're hosting a summer reading program. Most libraries host programs that give students incentives every time they reach a reading milestone. Oftentimes, this is enough to keep students reading through the summer.

Enroll Your Child in Summer Tutoring in Columbus OH

Whether your child needs reading help or support in any other subject, summer tutoring can make all the difference. Contact The Tutoring Center, Columbus OH at (614) 459-0091 to learn more about their academic programs and tutoring approach.


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