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Easily Provide Ways for Your Child to Learn Around the House

Whether your child is travelling through their regular educational path or they are benefiting from tutoring in Columbus, providing quick additional ways for them to learn around the house is a great way to bolster their learnings. For this post, The Tutoring Center, Columbus has a few simple ways for you to keep your child's brain active around the house.

What Is 4 Divided by Dessert?

Does one of your children have an exam coming up they are trying to study for? Attach a piece of paper with a relevant equation of exam test to your tub of ice-cream and challenge your child to complete the task before reaching for dessert.

Fridge Scrabble

Your fridge could provide a great place to expand your child's vocabulary with a packet of magnetic scrabble pieces. If your children are focusing their learning on a specific theme, incorporate that into fridge Scrabble, challenging them to learn new words you place and investigate new ones of their own.

Look for the Discounts

The next time you're planning your next shopping trip, give your children the brochure and have them find any discounts or packages that may be available to save you money. If they are looking for more of a challenge, give them a list of what you will be cooking and preparing during the week/month and give them the responsibility of budgeting for it.

Build Problems Solving Skills With Lego

If your child prefers a more hands-on approach with their learning, provide them with age appropriate Lego or building blocks and challenge them to construct an item. Once completed, make alterations to your requirements to see how they manage the task. This is a great way to stretch their problem solving skills and refine their building skills.

Tutoring in Columbus

Incorporating the focused lessons that your child received from tutoring in Columbus with the above is a great way to bolster their knowledge and help them retain their lessons. If your child is not taking advantage of the advantages of one-to-one instruction, speak with The Tutoring Center, Columbus on 614 459 0091 and book your free consultation.


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