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ACT prep is probably the longest part of the college application process. In order to be fully prepared for your ACT, it takes month of practice and hours of getting ready. Unlike a lot of tests, the ACT is not designed to test your intelligence; it is more of a gauge on how good you are at that particular test. Luckily for you, this means you can prepare. Today, The Tutoring Center in Columbus wants to offer two major tips to acing your ACT.

Know the Format

This test is specifically developed to evaluate a student’s skills in four core educational areas, with an optional fifth writing area. English, Math, Reading, and Science are the four mandatory sections. The English, Math, Reading and Science sections are all composed of four, strictly timed multiple-choice sections. The Optional Writing section is handwritten in a supplied workbook.

- English Test: 75 questions designed to measure standard written and rhetorical skills
  • 45 minutes

- Mathematics Test: 60 questions designed to measure mathematical skills typically learned before the start of grade 12
  • 60 minutes 

- Reading Test: 40 questions designed to measure reading comprehension skills
  • 35 minutes 

- Science Test: 40 questions designed to measure a student's ability to interpret, analyze, evaluate, reason, and problem-solve with the natural sciences
  • 35 minutes

The optional writing test consists of one prompt, which you will have 30 minutes to write about. 

Know Your Personal Weaknesses

There are countless practice exams online that you can take to test where you need to improve. Although the specific questions on the test change each year, the general test has never changed. We recommend taking multiple practice tests in a controlled testing environment. Be sure to strictly time each section just like the real test! Also, professional tutoring centers, like The Tutoring Center in Columbus have specialized ACT prep programs as well as offer official ACT Practice tests

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