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We here at The Tutoring Center in Columbus know that you want the best for your child and that you want them to achieve great things. It’s understandable to be frustrated when presented with a disappointing report card, but there are a few things you can do to make the best of the situation.

Be empathetic

It’s likely that your child also wants to do well, even if they appear ambivalent, so try to see things from their perspective and understand that they may well feel disappointed with themselves. Offering a nurturing, positive attitude can help restore their self-esteem, whereas berating or chastising them may only lead to even lower confidence which could further harm their grades.

Focus on the future

Rather than dwelling on what went wrong to lead to the disappointing grade(s), sit down with your child and discuss what they can do in future to secure the results you both want. Draw up a study plan to set aside time for homework and revision, make sure they aren’t overburdened with extracurricular activities or part-time jobs, and reassure them that you know they can get the results they’d like if they dedicate themselves to their studies.

Avoid punishing them unless necessary

It may be tempting to punish your child to show your disappointment with their performance, but positive reinforcement has repeatedly been shown to be a much more effective tactic. Punishments such as taking their cell phone or even grounding your child will more than likely just lead to resentment and ill-feeling rather than any positive change. If your child’s report card says they’ve behaved badly and you feel that punishment is necessary, make sure you don’t pick an arbitrary punishment on the spot as it is unlikely to be measured and effective. Instead, take a deep breath and give yourself time to work out an appropriate punishment.

Work with their teacher

Establishing communication with your child’s teacher is important in order for you to keep track of their progress, keep on top of any problems they may be having, and to know how you can best help your child succeed with your support at home. If there’s a parent-teacher conference coming up, take advantage of this; otherwise, telephone or make an appointment to speak with your child’s teacher.

Get some extra help

One further option is to hire a tutor to assist your child with any academic area in which they are struggling. We here at The Tutoring Center offer support with reading, math, grammar, and more, so call (614) 459-0091 if you feel your child could benefit from tutoring in Columbus.


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