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Students have many academic assignments and many other responsibilities throughout their day, which demand a significant amount of energy and their full attention. However, a good night’s can help your children prepare for their daily chores. 

This activity is related to immune function, memory, learning and it has other benefits that help your children achieve their daily goals. For this reason, at The Tutoring Center in Columbus, we prepared the following post containing useful advice on this somehow neglected topic. 

Regular Schedule

In the fewest of words, the circadian rhythm controls sleep - awake cycles, hunger, body temperature and other important body functions, thus the importance of sending your children to bed at regular times; even during weekends. Don’t forget that having a routine is the best way to set the frame of mind for sleeping.

Room Environment

Having the right sleep hygiene will allow your children sleep better, so avoid the use of electronics before bed, as their light will disrupt the sleep cycle. Also, close the curtains and control the nose in your home while your children are sleeping. Remember check their mattress, as it should be comfortable and set the room temperature to 65-67 degrees.  


Keep in mind that stress is related to sleep troubles and exercising can be very useful to manage the stressors. A healthy diet is also important, and your children should avoid consuming sugary and greasy foods. Don’t forget that soda, ice tea, chocolate and other beverages may contain caffeine, which will keep your children alert for very long periods of time.   

The consequences of insufficient sleep can affect your children’s mood, their ability to learn and memorize, and they will also struggle to stay alert during the day. All these factors can lead to a poor school performance, however these simple ideas can help to improve their sleep quality.

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