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Who says that learning or reviewing can't be fun? Almost every subject can be turned into a game, no prep necessary. Today, The Tutoring Center, Columbus OH has some Spelling and Vocabulary games for you and your children to try out.

Tutoring in Columbus for Better Spellers

ABC on the Road

When you are out driving, and your children are bored, you can start a Vocabulary game. The players have to spot an object with every letter in the alphabet by looking out the window. The rule is: you can't skip a letter. Soon everyone will be so focused on finding an object that they won't even notice when they arrive at the final destination.

The Letter Game

All you need for this game is two or more players. Choose a category like food, sea creatures or anything you like. The first person says a word, the next person has to say a word in that same category that starts with the last letter of the previous word, and so on. If the first person said banana, the next person would say a word like apple and the next would say eggplant.

Word Whiz

This is a game for older children. You will need a dictionary, paper, and a pencil for each player. In each round one player will pick a word from the dictionary and say it aloud, they can spell it if it's necessary. The other players will have to write down what they think that word means. Everyone has to read their definition aloud, the person who chose the word will then reveal the correct answer. If any player got it right, they get a point.

Tutoring in Columbus To Improve Your Children Scholastic Skills

If your children need extra help in school, they could greatly benefit from tutoring in Columbus. The Tutoring Center, Columbus OH offers many tutoring programs that can take your children to that academic level they want to reach. Their Reading or Writing programs will work magic with their Spelling skills. Schedule a free diagnostic assessment or give them a call at 614-403-9655. Happy learning!


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