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The end of the school year is usually full of different exams, presentations, and projects. If your child struggles when it comes to preparing for these different types of assessments, these tips may be able to help them develop stronger study skills.

Make Time to Study

Studying takes time, so it shouldn't be left to the last minute. The same goes for preparing presentations or finishing a project. Teach your child to set aside time every day that they can dedicate to their studying and preparation. This will help them avoid the stress that accompanies cramming, and help them feel more prepared no matter what type of assessment they 're getting ready for.

Use the Proper Study Material

The quality of the study material your child uses will greatly affect their results. If they're studying from notes they carelessly took, they may not be studying correct information. Their textbook may be a good study tool, but good notes that focus on specific topics they covered in class will be much more effective. Old homework assignments and tests they took during the last semester are great sources of information they can use to review. It may also help to ask the teacher for a study guide that highlights the areas that will be tested.

Distraction-Free Study Area

Finally, it's important that your child is able to focus on their study material. If their study efforts are constantly interrupted by their cellphone, their friends, or any other type of distraction, they won't absorb the information they're reviewing. Provide your child with a quiet study space that will be conducive to their learning efforts.

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