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Now that school is over, your children will have free time on their hands. This doesn't mean they have to spend the whole day in front of their laptops; it’s a great opportunity to review school material and engage in educational activities like reading.

If you are wondering how to encourage your children to read during summer, at The Tutoring Center in Columbus, we have a few ideas to help you!


Summer is the perfect opportunity to visit this great place! There are summer reading programs available, plus your children will find books that match their interests and hobbies. Don’t forget to ask the librarian for recommendations.

Be a Role Model

Make sure that your children see you enjoy your magazine, book or newspaper - have plenty of reading material in your house. You can also schedule an hour where the whole family can enjoy their favorite book; that way, you will also be spending time with your children.

Get Involved

Ask your children about what they are reading; characters, stories and lessons they have learned. This will motivate your children to share with you their impressions. Also, remember to provide them a good dictionary.

Try not to…

Reading is great, but you should never force your children to do it - otherwise, they will dislike it.Avoid rewarding your children for every book they finish, remember that lecture is already a prize by itself and that’s something they have to find out.

The benefits of reading are countless: it improves concentration, expands vocabulary and boosts other abilities that are important to succeed in school.

Remember that The Tutoring Center has a “Geniuses in Training” Reading Program™, that will enhance the reading comprehension of your children and prepare them for a school year filled with challenges. Think about us, next time you are looking for tutoring in Columbus.

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