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Stress is somehow associated with a negative frame of mind, however this natural body response can enhance the mental awareness and motivate you meeting certain deadline; this is also called eustress or positive stress. 

Additionally, there’s also the stress that doesn’t allow you to relax in the presence and absence of an stressor, which is a feeling that many students experience before, during and after a test. For this reason, at The Tutoring Center in Columbus, we prepare the following post containing some ideas to handle test anxiety. 

Test Anxiety?

There are certain behaviors and thoughts that can indicate the presence of test anxiety. If your children seem bored and unmotivated to learn, have a negative attitude towards the outcome of the test or experience physical discomfort, it’s likely that they are experiencing this condition. 

Getting Ready

It’s no secret that your children have to learn their material before the test. You can help them creating a study schedule at least 2 weeks before their exam. Make sure to set up a study space, where they can concentrate. Having a daily planner can help your children use their time more efficiently, and don’t forget to break divide long study sessions into shorter and more effective ones. 

Life Style 

Exercise is a great way to cope with anxiety, so try engaging your children in a physical activity they enjoy. Having enough sleep is also important, so make sure to set the room temperature to 60-67 degrees, ban the use of electronic devices before going to bed and establish a clear bedtime schedule. A healthy diet plays an important role, make sure to include whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and other foods that will boost your children’s brains.  

Anxiety can diminish the ability to think clearly and solve problems, which will definitely can decrease the performance during a test. These simple ideas can set a solid start to cope with this problem, and remember talking to your children frequently in case there’s something else bothering them.

If your children are struggling in school and you are looking for an extra hand, think about The Tutoring Center. We have a free diagnostic assessment, that allow us identify those areas that need to be improved. For tutoring in Columbus, please call 614-459-0091 to learn more about our exclusive programs.


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