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Teach Your Child Math Skills at a Young Age

The majority of students enter kindergarten with a strong set of academic skills that make learning easier. One set of skills your child should work on before even starting is their math skills. Below is some information on why this is important and how you can help your child get a head start in math at home.

Math Skills Before Kindergarten

Most children interact with math daily whether they know it or not. Playing with blocks, sorting toys, and counting items are all ways in which your child practices math daily. While this is great, you can do more to ensure they develop their math skills before starting school. In fact, teaching your child math skills early on can help them develop a great foundation they can build on. This can make learning math during their school years easier and less intimidating.

Why Math Matters

Not only will establishing a strong math foundation early on make it easier for your child to keep up with their math lessons as they progress through school, but it can also positively influence their achievements in other subjects. Studies have shown that students who master their early math skills are also more likely to perform better in subjects like reading and literacy. Beyond that, these same students are also more likely to do well in the labor market after they have completed school.

What Math Skills to Teach Your Child

Teaching your child to count and identify numbers is a good place to start, but don't stop there. Young children should also learn cardinality, the idea that the last item counted in a set is also the amount of items in that set. Basic addition and subtraction are also great lessons to introduce during play time. Start small so that your child has the chance to grasp how these operations work before moving on to larger numbers.

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