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Get A Good Night’s Sleep For Better Results

With so many commitments, like sports teams, after-school clubs, and social activities, as well as what may seem like an endless stream of projects, essays, and other homework, bedtime can start getting pushed back later and later. But, did you know that a good night’s sleep may improve your child’s concentration and memory skills? The Tutoring Center, Columbus has put together this short guide to help your child get a better night’s sleep.

Cut the Caffeine

Caffeine can affect your child’s neurological system for up to 9 hours, so is best avoided to promote restful sleep. This means cutting out many of the soft drinks your child likely enjoys during dinner.

Remove Gadgets from the Bedroom

Studies have shown that electrical items like cell phones and tablets can have a detrimental effect on sleep quality, and recommend removing them from your child’s bedroom.

Get Organized

If you child goes straight to their sports training after school and arrives home late, it doesn’t leave you much time to prepare and eat dinner before settling down to sleep. Why not prepare meals for the weeknights at the weekend and storing them in the freezer or refrigerator to heat up and eat. This will save you time while making sure that your child is still eating nutritious, home-cooked food.

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