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Encourage Your Child to Take Better Class Notes

Learning to take clear and concise notes early on can help students throughout their academic career. With that said, note taking isn't something that is mastered overnight. Becoming a good note taker takes time and work, but it isn't hard. To help your child take the best notes possible, check out these tips.

Actively Listen

In order for your child to take notes that will help them later on, they have to actually listen to the lesson being taught. Many students think they have to write down everything the teacher says, which makes it hard to actually absorb the lesson. Instead, teach your child to listen to the lesson and focus on writing down only the most important information. They can go back later on and add additional notes or clarification if needed.

Find a System That Works

There are tons of note taking methods your child can experiment with if they haven't yet found one that works for them. Introduce them to methods like the Cornell system or the mapping method. Have them try these out for a week or so before they decide if it works for them or not.

Rewrite Notes

A great way for your child to review their notes is by rewriting them. This gives them the opportunity to clean up their notes for later use while also allowing them to review the information on them. If they come across anything they don't understand, they can ask questions then instead of getting confused right before a test.

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