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Tips to Help Your Child Focus

If your child has trouble focusing on their homework, these tips can help increase their attention span.

Figure out Their Most Productive Hours

Most parents try to get their children to do their homework after school or after dinner, but not all children feel productive during these hours. Trying to force your child to work during hours when they just can't focus can cause resistance and arguments. To avoid this, figure out what hours during the day are your child's most productive times. They may work well after getting home and taking a nap or having a snack. Others may work better after participating in physical activity and taking a warm shower. Adjust their homework time to their needs for a more productive study session.

Remove Distractions

It's no secret that distractions can break a child's concentration and make tasks harder to accomplish. If you notice that your child takes too long to complete homework, you may want to be on the lookout for distractions. It's best to remove any visual distractions, such as televisions and video games, from their work area. A common distractor for students is their cell phone. Stopping to respond to messages or to check their social media pages can cause them to lose focus often. If necessary, have your child leave their cell phone in another room until they finish their work.

Allow Movement

Some students have trouble focusing on assignments because they are confined to a space or a chair. For kinesthetic learners especially, movement, while studying or working, is a great tool. If your child wants to walk around while studying flashcards, this may not be a bad thing. You may notice that allowing your child to move or play with objects in their hands as they study can actually help them stay focused.

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