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Help Your Child Improve Their Note Taking Skills

Notes are a great study tool for all students, but if your child struggles with note taking, these tips can help them improve their skills.

Be an Active Listener

An important part of the note taking process is listening. Instead of having your child write down everything the teacher says, have them practice being an active listener. Many times students write down information mindlessly without paying attention to what any of it means. Once they start reviewing their notes, they realize they don't actually understand the information they've written. Avoid this by instructing your child to write information down only when they understand it. Encourage them to write things down in their own words and to ask questions when they don't understand something.

Work on Your Penmanship

If your child's handwriting is hard to understand, this may mean their notes will be of little use when it comes time to study. Their notes don't have to be perfect, but ensuring they're legible is very important. Take a look at your child's current notes and give them pointers or practice exercises that will help improve their penmanship. Slowing down while writing and focusing on the most important information are great pointers for students with messy notes because many of them are rushing to write everything down.

Keep Notes Separate

A great way to keep notes tidy and organized is by providing your child with a separate notebook for each class. This will reduce the amount of notes lost and the amount of time spent leafing through a notebook looking for a certain subject's notes. Have your child keep notes separate within each notebook by using separators between topics and starting each new set of notes on a fresh page.

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