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Help Your Child Improve Their Mental Math Skills

Math is tricky for most students, so asking them to solve math problems without the help of a calculator may seem like you're asking for too much. However, encouraging them to develop their math thinking abilities can be extremely helpful. Use these tips to increase your child's mental math abilities.

Memorize the Facts

We often tell our students to avoid memorizing information and instead learn how to do it. In some cases, however, memorization is a great tool. Your student can benefit from memorizing certain math facts like multiplication tables, 1/n's, and some basic squares and square roots. Being able to recall this information quickly will make it easier to solve longer problems that include these simple equations.

Try Some Speed Drills

Speed drills are a great tool that will push your child to memorize math facts and recall the correct answers quickly. They will not only practice thinking logically, they will also practice thinking quickly. You can use worksheets that need to be completed in a minute or look for online math speed drills that include a timer.

Think Fast and Have Fun

Playing math games at home that encourage mental math is a great option. An example you can easily play in your home requires that you take a few flashcards and write a number on each one. Flip them over and have your child pick one. Once they have a number, give them one minute to come up with as many equations as they can think of that lead to that number.

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