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How to Strengthen Your Child's Vocabulary

Having a strong vocabulary isn't just about impressing people with big words. It can actually increase a child's understanding of the world while helping them become great communicators. These skills are incredibly important for all students no matter how old they are. To help your child increase their vocabulary, use these tips.

Play Words Games

To mix family fun with learning, pull out a board game that focuses on vocabulary building. Games like Scrabble are perfect because your family will have a fun time together while also exposing your children to new words. You can also play memory games where the objective is to match a word with its definition. If it helps, have an incentive ready for the winner of the game.

Start a Journal

Writing is a great way to practice vocabulary. Have your child keep a daily journal where they can put their language skills to use. Allow them to customize their journal with photos, stickers, colored pens, and anything else that will make it feel fully theirs.

Read Together

Reading is recognized as one of the best ways to increase a person's vocabulary skills. By reading daily, your child will come across new words that they can start using in their daily conversations. Not only will they learn new words, they will also strengthen their reading comprehension skills, fluency, and ability to use context clues when they run into a new word.

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