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 Even though having specially credentialed and trained instructors here at The Tutoring Center in Columbus, Ohio, we still enlist the help of an intern or two. These interns are high school students who are interested in the field of teaching. They are Honor Roll students who are enthusiastic about learning more in their chosen major and helping your child succeed academically. Being closer to your child's age, they are great role models and mentors. Below are some of the advantages of having a peer tutor involved with your child's learning experience.

How Did Tutoring with Peers Begin?

Peer tutoring is not a new concept. It has been going on since the first cavemen observed older cubs in the same pride of lions teaching younger cubs how to hunt. Adults would teach their firstborn survival skills, who would teach their younger siblings, who would teach the next youngest, and so on. The concept of student teaching student dates back to the Greek philosopher Aristotle, who used what were called "archons" or student leaders, to help him with teaching younger students. The Romans also used peer tutors, using older pupils to teach and test younger students.

The Benefits of Tutoring with a Peer

Educational development research and documentation supports the benefits of peer tutoring as a supplement to instruction. Peer tutoring has been used for a variety of academic subjects, and has been found to improve achievement for a diversity of learners. Some of the benefits of peer tutoring are:
  • Interaction between tutor and peer promotes active learning.
  • Peer tutors reinforce their own learning by teaching others.
  • Younger students feel more comfortable and open when interacting with an older peer.
  • Peers and students share a similar communication, allowing for greater understanding.
  • Peer tutoring helps build leadership skills.
  • Teachers are allowed more time to focus on compiling the next lesson.
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