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Learning Distractions That Can Affect Your Child

Does your child have a tough time staying focused when completing homework or studying? This isn't very uncommon, but that doesn't mean you should ignore it. In fact, by identifying your child's main distractors you can work to remove them. Below are some of the most common distractors your child may be working against.

Internal Learning Distractions

Internal learning distractions may be a bit tougher to identify because they're harder to see. These are often the result of stress, anxiety, and worries taking over your child's mind, preventing them from focusing on what's in front of them. If you notice your child is struggling to concentrate but there isn't anything in front of them, talk to them about what's going on. Sometimes children just need an outlet for their problems or someone to reassure them that things are going to be ok. Teach them to replace negative thoughts with positive ones, and encourage them to practice breathing exercises to relax.

External Learning Distractions

External learning distractions are easier to identify because you will most likely be able to see them and the effect they have on your child. These can be anything from your child's cellphone, their friends, and even their study environment. The best thing you can do is remove their distractors from their study environment. If the problem is their study space, do your best to turn it into a more productive area with fewer distractors.

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Classrooms can be very distracting spaces for students because there's so much going on all around. To help your child learn their lessons more efficiently, enroll them in tutoring in Columbus. Contact The Tutoring Center, Columbus OH at (614) 459-0091 to learn all about how their tutors can help your child stay on track this school year.


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