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Help Your Child Set Effective New Year's Resolutions

The start of the new year is also the perfect time for new beginnings. Encourage your child to use this fresh start to make positive changes in their academic attitude with the help of New Year's resolutions. Use these as examples of effective resolutions.

Stay on Track

Students who have many activities going on in their life may struggle to juggle them all. A bit of organization may be all it takes. Help your child take control of their life by introducing them to organization tools, such as a calendar for important dates, a day planner for day to day assignments, and colored pens for color-coded notes. It may take a while for them to adjust to using these new tools, but once they get the hang of them, their day to day will be much more organized.

Tighten up Routines

Having daily routines can help people of all ages be more efficient and productive. Introduce your child to the concept of routines by helping them develop their own. Start with a bedtime routine that will ensure they get plenty of sleep each night. A morning routine will help them get out the door on time every day without feeling rushed. A homework routine can get them in the habit of completing homework and studying daily without it feeling like a drag.

Try Something New

If your child is quite shy, help them break out of their shell a bit by encouraging them to participate in an activity they're interested in but have been too scared to try. Not only will they make new friends, they may even develop more self-confidence.

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