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If you’re a student, you know that it can be difficult to remember all of the important dates, homeworks, and presentations you have to do or be a part of. This is where an agenda or planner can come in handy; it can help you stay organized and in check with all of your responsibilities.

This is why The Tutoring Center in Columbus has prepared this post for you, in which you’ll find a few tips to keep your school agenda in top condition and working in your favor.

How to Organize Your School Agenda 

Take It With You

Make sure to get your agenda in your backpack and to take it with you to school each day. This is the first step in ensuring that you will use it appropriately on a daily basis.

Pick a Color

If you want to make your planner more organized and more fun, you can color-coordinate it. For example, you can choose a color for each subject or for each type of assignment (quiz, test, presentation, etc.). 

Write it Down

You should include all of your homework, presentations, tests and quizzes in your agenda. Write a note for each one on the day it was assigned and mark its due date, to make sure you remember about it. You can even add a small note with additional information on the task. 

Cross It Off

Do not forget to update your agenda as you go! This will help you to stay on top of things and to avoid getting confused between tasks that need doing and those you have already completed.

Always Check

Use your agenda; that’s what it’s for! Try not to rely too much on your memory. Instead,  always check your planner to be certain of the activities/homework you have to do that day. 

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