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Tips to Make Homework Time Easier for You and Your Child

Make homework time easier for you and your child by laying down some basic rules and establishing useful daily routines. By talking to your child about your expectations and listening to their concerns, you can help make homework less of an enemy. Use these tips to get started.

Establish Homework Rules

Sitting down with your child and having a conversation about homework can help make the daily battle to get it done much easier. Let your child know what your expectations are, such as getting homework done daily, what grades they should aim for, and set a homework routine. It's also important to let your child know that they are responsible for getting the work done. This doesn't mean that you won't help them when assignments are challenging, it simply means it's up to them to do the work without having to be told a million times a day. If they don't do the homework, the consequences are also their responsibility. Make it clear that you won't ask for extensions on projects or ask the teacher to excuse them if they didn't get their work done on time.

Create a Postive Environment

With that being said, ask your child what they need from you to make homework time easier. A homework space, the right tools, and the proper support can all help your child excel. If they feel like they may benefit from tutoring, look for a program that suits their needs. Don't forget to also maintain a positive attitude and recognize the hard work they put into getting their homework done daily. Recognize their efforts, offer praise, and reward them for a job well done every once in a while.

Learn to Identify Issues Through Homework

If your child struggles with their homework often, don't ignore this. Your child may be falling behind and can be in need of professional help. Talk to their teacher for more insight and look for additional help. A great option that can help your child keep up and excel is after-school tutoring.

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