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Tips to Help You Find a Great Tutor

If you're considering enrolling your child in tutoring, do your best to find the perfect tutor for your child. Do a bit of research and ensure they possess the following qualities.

Start With an Assessment

A good tutor will present your child with an assessment before actually getting to work. An assessment is necessary because it will measure where your child stands, helping reveal the areas they're strongest in and the areas they need help in. If a tutor skips this step they may be wasting time working on things your child has already mastered.

Teaching Skills

While it is important that your child's tutor is skilled in the subject they teach, it is just as important that they possess teaching skills. Without these skills, they may not be able to help your child progress. A skilled tutor will be able to identify your child's learning style and work with it. They should be able to adapt to your child's personality and create material that is better suited for them.

Communication Skills

As a parent, it makes sense that you would be interested in knowing about your child's tutoring sessions. Because of this, your child's tutor should be easy to reach and willing to share your child's progress and struggle areas. Don't expect a full detailed report, but they should be able to inform you about the areas your child is struggling with so that they can practice more at home.

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