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A college application is mostly a list of grades, test scores, awards, achievements, but the college essay may be the most important piece. It allows the college admissions officers to get a glimpse of who you really are. They read thousands of college essays every year. Yours will stand out from the rest if you follow these tips.

Choosing a Topic

Many college applications assign you a topic to write, but be imaginative. Write about something that interests you, perhaps built around an amusing story. The admissions officers want to know more about you than just numbers, and this is your opportunity to show them. Don't let them down. Whatever person, event, or experience you choose, always bring it back to you- how you were influenced, what you felt, how you became the person you are.

Be a Story-Teller

You have probably been told to show, not tell, when writing your college application essay. It is great advice. Be descriptive and precise, as if telling a story. Use creative details and imagery, just subtle enough to avoid explicit cliches- "I was humbled by the experience" or "It made me nervous." Paint a picture of what happened to better engage the reader.

Read Aloud

Your essay should sound like you, so listen to yourself reading it. Read it to your friends and your family. It will help with the flow of the essay and ensure that you are writing in your own voice.

First Impressions

The first sentence is your chance to grab the reader. After paging through essay after essay, a college admissions officer comes across a sentence that captivates. "I paced the prison cell, nervously probing the cracks in the wall." Don't shy away from the shocking or absurd, as long as you can bring it back to the topic at hand and make a point. What were you doing in a prison cell? The reader will want to know. If you would like help with your writing, contact The Tutoring Center in Columbus, OH. We offer one-to-one tutoring in writing, reading, math, and test preparation. Check out our academic programs and call 614-459-0091 to schedule a free diagnostic assessment.


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