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There are several aspects that you should take into consideration when examining the reasons as to why your child doesn't want to attend school. Keep reading this post by The Tutoring Center, Columbus, to get to the bottom of this.

See If Your Child Had Any Problems at School Recently

The first...

Unfortunately, bullying is a problem that keeps on plaguing the lives of many students daily. This post by The Tutoring Center, Columbus, focuses on how important it is for parents to teach their children how to resolve conflicts by avoiding the use of violence and without taunting others.



Prioritizing responsibility for obedience is essential so that children can make decisions for themselves and grow up to become independent adults. For instance, if there's authoritarianism in the house, parents give the orders, and the children obey, the only thing they're...

Empathy First

How can you stimulate the child before this internalization or closure? Or how can you get to play with your child if they have been diagnosed with autism? Before these questions, the word empathy appears: putting yourself in the place of the other and personalizing the interaction...

Reading from Generation to Generation

This reason has many benefits since they encourage reading from a young age. Through this activity, children can discover new vocabulary, express their emotions efficiently, or understand moral concepts such as good and evil, since sometimes it is...

Early detection of ADHD is the first step to ensure a timely diagnosis, increase the chances of successful treatment, and reduce the appearance of other comorbidities. Keep reading this post by The Tutoring Center, Columbus, to learn how to detect ADHD in the school environment.

School Is the...


School assignments are much easier to keep track of when a child stays organized. If your child struggles to keep their projects in order, use these tips by The Tutoring Center, Columbus, to help them stay organized.

Set a Few Achievable Goals

By setting short-term and long-term goals, your...

If your child has a hard time getting started on important projects or homework assignments, follow these tips from The Tutoring Center, Columbus, to help them avoid procrastinating.

Break Down Large Assignments

One common reason why many students tend to procrastinate and leave assignments to...

Every student faces many challenges throughout their academic life. However, these challenges can sometimes cause a lack of motivation and stress. Developing a positive mindset is a great way of helping you overcome any of those challenges that comes your way. Having a positive mindset allows...

So, you've decided to enroll your child in tutoring, but how do you know their tutoring sessions will be effective? To start, you need to work with tutors committed to helping your child grow academically. To find the right tutor for your child, use these tips.

Assess the Situation

Your child's...


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