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For students, it can seem near impossible to write a five-paragraph essay, so it's important to remind them that it gets easier with practice. After all, becoming a better writer is a lifelong practice that requires work. To help them get on the right track, use these tips.

Focus on the Basics

Before trying to write the next best-seller, it's important that your child establishes a solid foundation. This means starting out with the basics and mastering them before moving on to more complicated writing. As your child learns to write, they should learn to write complete sentences, use proper grammar, and focus on spelling. After they master this, they can work on expanding their vocabulary, developing their style, and experimenting with different types of writing.

Give Them Constructive Feedback

It's not uncommon for students to get their written work back with just a letter grade on it and some spelling corrections. This won't be very helpful because it doesn't give them pointed feedback that they can use the next time they write something. Read your child's work and talk about it once you're done. Point out the good as well as the areas that need work. Avoid simply telling them what's wrong since this may not be super helpful. It's important to also take the time to give them suggestions they can use the next time around.

Spend Some Time Reading

Reading, no matter if it's a book or a newspaper, will help your child develop better writing skills. After reading a book, they'll have new vocabulary words to use and new sentence structures and devices floating around in their head. They may even be inspired by the author's style and voice, which they can use the next time they have an assignment.

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