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Reading from Generation to Generation

This reason has many benefits since they encourage reading from a young age. Through this activity, children can discover new vocabulary, express their emotions efficiently, or understand moral concepts such as good and evil, since sometimes it is challenging to convey specific values ​​or explain an idea. However, reading will be the easiest way to achieve this.

Cultivate Empathy and Problem-Solving Skills

Through reading, children can discover different ways to solve their problems. Generally, the stories' protagonists are examples of behaviors that will guide the child correctly when solving a problem. Also, it will be an excellent way to encourage empathy while finding new ways to deal with feelings like fear, envy, or sadness.

Inspiring Creativity through Reading Activities

On the other hand, reading develops concentration and memory since the child tries to focus on what they hear as long as the story has managed to thrill them. In that case, they'll want to know how the story goes, what happens with the characters, and the ending. If they keep on reading, one day after another, it will make the child try to remember where the story was left off the day before, thus helping develop memory.

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